Introducing Arcturus Factions

Arcturus is a Java Cracked Minecraft Factions Server supporting all versions from 1.8 to 1.20. We feature 1.8 style pvp and the best Custom Enchants, because we are based on Herobrine Factions. We have No Staff or Map Resets like other servers. Learn more at Minecraft Server Information.

Take the red pill or the blue pill?

The difference between Arcturus and its competitors.


0.19 TPS

/20 TPS

Great for enjoyers of Laggy & Unsupported servers!

โœ“ Zero Staff

โœ“ Outdated Plugins

โœ“ Transgender Staff

โœ“ Yearly Updates

โœ“ Extremely P2W

โœ“ Forced Email Authentication

โœ“ Nonexistent Support Server


21 TPS

/20 TPS

Great for enjoyers of Anti-Staff Minecraft Factions!

โœ“ Zero Lag

โœ“ Advanced plugins

โœ“ No Staff (Freedom)

โœ“ Regular Updates

โœ“ Free Marketplace

โœ“ VPNs Allowed

View the full roadmap here.

Introducing Arcturus.

Arcturus is a Minecraft Factions server focused on NO-STAFF mechanics. If staff control what you can and can’t do, then whats the point in playing in such a dystopian environment?

We have No Moderation;
We will never have any;
Freedom Forever!